Weeks #5 and #6 Progress Reports

on Feb 26, 2015

While I’m sitting here writing this report, I keep hearing this song in my head over and over again:School bus

The wheels on the bus came flying off, flying off, flying off, the wheels on the bus came flying off…

So if you were wondering why weeks #5 and #6 are in the same progress report, now you know. The wheels did indeed come off, and I never wrote a Week #5 report.

Anyway, let’s jump into the details.

Study 5 Podcasts Per Week

This is the area where I fell the furthest behind. I had tagged 5 intermediate podcasts to study for Week #5, and I believe I had it through 4 of them. They were all challenging enough, though, that I probably need to review all of them again to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

The one podcast that may stand out as a little odd is Getting Your Hair Done. I suspect I’ll need a haircut during my trip to China so I want to know the appropriate words. Of course, I’m not sure this podcast taught me how to say, “8 mm all over,” but I’m sure I can figure it out.

Daily Reading

Other than some brief sentences here and there along with some reading during my classes with Emma, I did not do my reading at all. I will redouble my efforts to instill a Chinese reading habit.

Conversation Practice

I believe I spoke to Noah once during Week #5, but he’s been out for Chinese New Year since then. I’ve also started working again on finding some more conversation practice via iTalki. It’s tough, though, because schedule-wise, my evenings seem better for people in China, but it would be better for me to speak during my morning. If I don’t find something fairly consistent next week, I may start using iTalki teachers instead.

Chinese with Emma

Emma and I moved on to buying train tickets and then possible orphanage conversations. I hope to be able to get around using the subways and high speed rail while in China so knowing what to expect when buying tickets will be helpful. We will also be visiting my daughter’s orphanage, and I would like to be able to tell her care givers about the past 7 years of her life and also ask them some questions.

Spaced Repetition Flashcards

This is one area where I have not skimped. Developing several contextual habits for doing my flashcard study helped me avoid getting behind even with all of the chaos swirling around me.

I did learn one thing about DianHua Dictionary that I didn’t know. That’s a bit sad considering I wrote it…ahem..moving on. If you make the mistake of studying a large volume of new flashcards with the Random Algorithm, they will end up in  your Spaced Repetition study list. Sometime this year, I will release an update to change the behavior, but for now, be careful with it. It can ruin your Spaced Repetition study progress by putting so many new entries in front of you that you can’t see the existing entries on the appropriate schedule.

Progress Videos

Eternal optimist, eh? Sorry to disappoint yet again…