Netflix Mandarin Adaptation of Chosen

on Apr 15, 2018

If you haven’t been keeping up with Netflix lately, you may not have noticed that they’ve been adding a lot of Mandarin content. Chosen, a Mandarin language remake of the 2013 mini-series of the same name, is the first Netflix original Mandarin content I’ve had a chance to watch, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Chosen follows Chinese Doctor Dai Huan and his family on a business trip to Australia where Dai Huan plans to sell his new pacemaker technology to a local company. While in Australia, the family is pulled into a real life game of kill or be killed, and you follow their fight for survival throughout the 3 episode series.

Even if I were not learning Chinese, Chosen is the type of show I would watch regardless. Though there are plot holes so big you could drive a rusty old barge through them, it’s an enjoyable ride. Just check the common sense side of your brain at the door and remember to keep the Chinese side turned on.

As a language learner, one thing I really enjoyed about Chosen is that the amount of language is limited. Set primarily in Australia, not all of the characters are Chinese so there is almost as much English as there is Chinese. With content that is completely Chinese, I find my brain wearing out and giving up too quickly. The little breaks of English in between give my brain the break it needs to come back ready for the next Chinese conversation. Maybe my brain is a big wimp…

Anyway, if you’re looking for 3 hours of relatively relaxing listening practice, Chosen would be a good choice.