Channel X – Taiwanese Drama

on Sep 28, 2015

Different than most dramas I’ve watched, Channel X attempts to focus as much on action as it does a love story. Ignoring poorly choreographed and heavily edited fights scenes involving actors who clearly have no idea how to throw a punch, the first few episodes offered a lot of promise toward something a bit different.  Unfortunately, it failed in a way that it might stand a chance at being so bad it’s good.

Channel X is the story of a tv anchor An of Big TV discovering the illegal work being done by Big TV’s parent company IPIC.  Along the way, An ends up working with and falling in love with a reporter for Channel X and together they attempt to survive plot holes so inexplicably huge you could drive the Titanic through them with your eyes closed.

I really think he tried to kill people, but I think he’s being sincere about stopping environmental pollution from his factory so it’s fine. Bygones…

Sadly, that is not an exaggeration.

As a language learner, it’s hard to find much redeeming value in Channel X. I struggled with a lot of the pronunciation from the main cast, and Hokkien appears frequently as the reporters interview residents of a village affected by IPIC’s factory.

To its credit, Channel X did help me gauge my Chinese learning progress. It was the first time I have ever watched a show in a foreign language and laughed at bad acting. It’s something I’ve openly questioned in discussions with other language learners. Can we ever get to a level where we perceive bad acting? I guess the answer is a qualified yes. Channel X was so bad that I did, in fact, realize the acting was bad beyond just being cheesy drama bad.

If you decide to watch Channel X, good luck. Let me know how many episodes you can take before you give up.