Browsing Netflix for Mandarin Chinese Content

on Nov 9, 2017

When I first started learning Chinese, Netflix had a Mandarin Language category easily accessible from their various interfaces. The amount of content was limited, but it was easy to access and navigate. Unfortunately during one of the many Netflix redesigns, the category disappeared.

Lately, Netflix has been adding a lot of Mandarin content. Even though their systems know I want to watch Mandarin shows, they are still inconsistent with presenting Mandarin content. Every so often, though, the Apple TV app gives me a Mandarin language category just like the good old days, but it is incomplete. It doesn’t show *every* show in the category, merely a handful.

Reading through my newsfeed today, I ran across this article about accessing secret Netflix categories:

The article shows the address structure and provides a list of categories, but it doesn’t include Mandarin Language categories. I thought I was going to have to do a deep dive into Netflix to find the categories, but it turns out that the Netflix web interface will give them to you if you just search for “Mandarin.”

So here they are, the Netflix Mandarin Language categories:

Some of these are a bit repetitive, and there may be more I haven’t found yet, but this should keep you busy for quite a while.