Netflix Mandarin Adaptation of Chosen

on Apr 15, 2018

If you haven’t been keeping up with Netflix lately, you may not have noticed that they’ve been adding a lot of Mandarin content. Chosen, a Mandarin language remake of the 2013 mini-series of the same name, is the first Netflix original Mandarin content I’ve had a chance to watch, and I was pleasantly surprised.

Quick and Easy Congee Recipe

on Apr 4, 2018

You may be thinking you stumbled onto a food blog or recipe site, but we’re really here to talk about language learning. The point of this post is (1) to give the poor oatmeal suffers some variety and (2) connect a bit with the Chinese culture as we continue to learn the language.

Returning to Blogging With a New Name

on Feb 14, 2018

What’s in a name? Find out why this blog has retired in favor of

Browsing Netflix for Mandarin Chinese Content

on Nov 9, 2017

Quickly access the Mandarin Language categories on Netflix.

Splitting the Check in China

on Dec 28, 2015

Do not try to go Dutch in China. If you absolutely must split the check, here’s the information you need.

It Was Only 1 Letter

on Jun 29, 2015

My daughter likes soy sauce…a lot. In my attempt to order it for her, I dropped a letter from the Pinyin final causing confusion for the waitress and amusement for our fellow diners.